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Birthdate:Sep 1
Location:Washington, United States of America
In a galaxy far, far away....

Michelle/Ally/Mia, 22 years old, has a pet giraffe named sparky on her wrist, student, swimmer, occasional writer (though not so great), Play Guide at the local Children's Museum, part time teacher, and all around geek. A dutch girl living in the States, hooray Tacoma! Loves to swim, ride horses, do pilates and yoga, write, and curry. Mmmm, curry. Wears too much eye makeup, owns too many books, spends a lot of time failing at life. Loves Shakespeare, and reading in general. Pop music junkie. She thinks ice cream cake is GOD, and fresh, warm stroopwafels are love.

Two minutes to Belgium
Things I love
Doctor Who, Country music, Robin Hood, Shakespeare, Merlin, chemistry, Starbucks, curry, swimming, glitter, colors, jumping into piles of leaves, boxers, pretending to fly, mascara, Skins, school, pigtails, my camera, traveling, Bones, science, history, How I Met Your Mother, writing, free hugs, memoirs, Disney, ponies, Lush, Candy, paint, glitter!, brightly colored things, toys, acting like a five year old and getting paid for it, teaching, making paper snowflakes....

AIM: Daisychain Tiara
Skype: Michikit
Writing/Other stuff journal: [info]inkyscribbles
You can find me on Sheroes Central as Alliyah.

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